Hardcore League Portal.

Twi$T a posted Oct 3, 18

BFV is on the horizon and will get here sooner than you think if we don't stay on our toes. If you want to compete in the upcoming competitive matches for the Hardcore League, then please be sure to register on the Hardcore League Portal. There is a video on the front page of the HcL portal website that can take you step by step on how to create your Public Profile and how to join a team. Be sure to find SyNdicate on the list of teams, and choose to join the team. You must be listed on the HcL rosters on the website portal to be able to compete in official tournaments, matches, seasons, etc. 

If you do not wish to compete, but still would like to support the team, you can still register on the portal and join the HcL community to help cheer for your favorite Esport Team SyNdicate!

Website Link: https://hlteams.com