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Player Spotlight: Bobrick1337

Twi$T a posted Jul 28, 18

Name: Josh
Xbox ID: Bobrick1337
What’s your favorite map(s): Argonne Forest, Amiens
What’s your favorite class(s)? Medic/Assault

Give us a little history on yourself. (How did you come into being a gamer? What keeps you interested in it? How did you end up in SyNdicate? Etc)

I began playing games with my older brother when we got our first console (Super Nintendo) although he only plays PC, I have bounced between PC and Xbox over the years. I started to get really hooked to competitive FPS in high school with counter strike, and call of duty and after taking a couple year break from video games I had returned with BattleField 1
I found syndicate after completing just about every codex, dogtag, and metal I found myself starting to get bored with BF1 so I began looking online for a platoon and luckily I found this awesome and chill group!

What team(s) have you been on besides SyNdicate?


Describe your play style. What’s your biggest strength as a player?

I think one of my biggest strength is hearing and being versatile.

Have you learned anything from anyone in the game that has made you a better player?

I have learned a lot from multiple people over time but I can’t really think of anyone in specific

Any tips you have you would like to share?

Anytime you are in an encounter always try to think about cutting off as many angles as you can to protect yourself from being shot in the side/back while encountering one player (create 1v1s by taking away as many angles as possible)

What keeps you Interested, playing daily, and sticking with a platoon to be a better group and compete at a higher level?

I like playing for the Competition, and getting to hangout with some cool people who all want to get better and win

Thanks for your time!

XxNastyNate08xX Nice to meet you Bobrick. Look forward to playing with you...

Site Donations

B0og3yman a posted Jul 14, 18

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of our members and even other platoons that have donated to the site. It really warm the cavity in my chest where a heart usually is on more humanoid less B0og3yman people. In all seriousness though, thanks a bunch to LRRP, Topside and Faded/Cupcake. Huge thanks to Nova (moneybags) Starre for the huge donation of 360 days. We will definetly be continuing to evolve the website and bring the content you want and deserve!

Keep Slayin',


Twi$T a Thanks EVERYONE!!! <3

Welcome Everyone,

This is SyNdicate, a competitive and semi casual gaming community for likeminded individuals who look to improve upon their eSports gaming portfolio and dominate on the battlefield.

We are actively recruiting and looking for new members to attend tryout sessions with one of the Platoons leadership.

We actively stream in-house and competitive league matches. We compete in Battlefield Premier League, HardcoreLeague, and other prominent Battlefield 1 event communities.

Stay Frosty,
Syndicate Leadership

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