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Player Spotlight: B Godzilla 1

By Twi$T a - Posted Aug 10, 18

Name: Brent
Xbox ID: B Godzilla 1
What’s your favorite map(s)? Argonne/Amiens
What’s your favorite class(s)? Assault/Medic

Give us a little history on yourself.  (How did you come into being a gamer? What keeps you interested in it? How did you end up in SyNdicate? Etc)

B Godzilla 1:
I started playing on the first xbox when my brother showed me Halo Combat Evolved. He was teaching me how to move and drive vehicles. Since then I began playing different shooters, especially when Halo 2 came out. A lot of what keeps me playing is all of the different adventures and experiences you can have when playing and meeting new people. Now after some time of playing BF1 I've found this really cool group of people to chill and game with.

Having a brother and a long time friend join in, how do you felt that brought the team to another level?  It’s like adding the “Big 3” to the team??

B Godzilla 1:
Us three gaming for a long time together built alot of chemistry, which in turn provides an even more efficient squad to the team.

What team(s) have you been on besides SyNdicate?

B Godzilla 1:

Describe your play style.  What’s your biggest strength as a player?

B Godzilla 1:
My biggest strength as a player is adapting to situations and being aware of what's happening.

Have you learned anything from anyone in the game, in SyN or not, that has made you a better player?

B Godzilla 1:
While we have many good players, I can't say I've learned anything directly.

Any tips you have you would like to share?

B Godzilla 1:
Be aware of your surroundings and stay calm in heated situations.

What keeps you Interested, playing daily, and sticking with a platoon to be a better group and compete at a higher level?

B Godzilla 1:
The thought of becoming better as a team and maybe even the best all while enjoying ourselves is what interests me.

Thanks for your time!

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