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Battlefield 1: DxMimzy Squad Captain!

By Twi$T a - Posted Aug 11, 18

I would like to congratulate DxMimzy in becoming an “official BF Squad Captain”.  When the trio of Godzilla , BreakingBrad, and DX came in it was a goal that in due time that they would become another starting slayer type squad for SyN.  With Few matches in to get them comfortable with the setup mixing with Squad 1, we turned them loose. It has shown to be the right move!  Bringing in a couple other solid players like KryptLuna and Easymind to round out their squad has made a strong force to reckon with.   Congrats and congrats to the whole squad in putting in work to bring SyN up a notch.  

We can’t wait to move into BFV as a team and with all the recent talent added in in the past few weeks it’s going to be great! 

Also would like to add that everyone give him that is for using his time and skills to create graphics and banners for our site here.  

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