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BF1 Allstar Match This Weekend!

By Twi$T a - Posted Oct 3, 18

Hardcore League has put together a Battlefield 1 All-Star event that will include 20 teams around the league and community.  It will be a large scare 32 v 32 no bans other then Elites and Behemoths all out war.  Each team submitted 5 players and 3 subs to be entered into the event.  The captains for the All Star teams then selected 3 players from each team in which would play under them for the event.  SyNdicate sent our All-Star list, which was hard to choose from so many but only 8 could be sent, of Bobrick, B Godzilla, Topside, DXMIMZY, Bo0g3yman, and subs unR Twist, DirtySnillip, TrumpDayz.   SyNdicate's roster was selected in draft for team " I Thought This Was Speed Dating" lead by Wasshed Up from team Prototype [pT].  They will be going against team "No U" lead by Lyons from team Point Gap [PG].  Bobrick, B Godzilla, and Topside were selected as the 3 players to be represented for SyNdicate during the event.  Congrats and represent SyNdicate well! 

Event Info: Oct 6 @ 4pm CST
Stream Link:

Be sure to drop in and watch and support SyNdicate!  It's gonna be awesome. 

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