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Player Spotlight: TheRareElevator

By Twi$T a - Posted Dec 29, 18

Name: Anthony Borland

Xbox ID: TheRareElevator

Where are you from? Vancouver, Canada

What’s your favorite map(s)? Twisted Steel/Rotterdam

What’s your favorite class(s)? Assault/Scout

Give us a little history on yourself.  (How did you come into being a gamer? What keeps you interested in it? How did you end up in SyNdicate? Etc)

Anthony: I’ve been a long time gamer ever since Sega Genesis, back in my early childhood. PS2 is where my interest took off, playing many games to absolute completion. i finally got an Xbox 360, first game COD MW2 was my first comp game, loved it. but battlefield has just been my fav since Bad Company 1 and 2. I love tracking stats and being on top of scoreboards! 

I heard about SyN from someone (Reality So Cold)  i met a while back from Battlefield 1. he said i should apply and look into it.

Describe your play style.  What’s your biggest strength as a player?  

Anthony: My play style is very Aggressive, but i’ve had to change up my play style a bit from battlefield 1. i was a very strong scout, run and gunner. My biggest strength is reading the battlefield and being aware of what’s going on. Great at close range fights. 

Have you learned any tips or tricks from anyone in battlefield (doesn’t have to be in SyN) that has made you a better player or was it all learned on your own?

Anthony: I’ve learned a lot on my own, but i’ve picked up little things here and there. from my platoon or youtube.

Any tips you have that you would like to share? 

Anthony: Tips: Be very aware of your surroundings, dont just run into an open area “willy nilly” Also every gun/class is suited for certain situations, so it’s good to learn about em all!

What keeps you Interested, playing daily, and sticking with a platoon to be a better group and compete at a higher level?

Anthony: I play daily because i wanna be the best and put my time into this game that has a lot of potential. i’ve never done anything professional like this for my game, and i think i may have what it takes.

What are your thoughts on BFV? 

Anthony: BFV: Like i said a lot of potential in this game, they could’ve done many things better tho, feels like they rushed this out for Christmas. But i’m willing to stick around and see what this game evolves into.

Appreciate your time!

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