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Xbox ID: Speir Fox
Where are you from? Southeast U.S.
What’s your favorite map(s)? Devastation
What’s your favorite class(s)? Medic, Scout

Give us a little history on yourself.  (How did you come into being a gamer? What keeps you interested in it? How did you end up in SyNdicate? Etc)
Been gaming since Mario Kart, then Halo, then Call of Duty, and now BF. I love the competitive environment of video games and the teamwork. Always keeps me coming back. — SyNdicate is a great community of team-oriented players, which is exactly what I’m looking for.

What team(s) have you been on besides SyNdicate?
This is the first organized clan/platoon I’ve played for. Looking forward to what’s in store.

Describe your play style.  What’s your biggest strength as a player?
My main priority when playing is teamwork and, more specifically, staying together. In an FPS, especially, two (or more) guns are always better than one. Stick together, communicate, and be accurate.

Have you learned any tips or tricks from anyone in battlefield (doesn’t have to be in SyN) that has made you a better player or was it all learned on your own?
I think it all boils down to following the above-mentioned principles. You can use the worst gun in the game and be better than 99% of gaming community so long as you play as a team and work well with others.

Any tips you have that you would like to share?
Be adaptable, learn all of the classes and be able to fill any role that is needed.

What keeps you Interested, playing daily, and sticking with a platoon to be a better group and compete at a higher level?
Quite simply, the satisfaction of winning.

What are your thoughts on BFV?
It has a lot of work before it is an amazing game, but the idea behind it is what keeps me coming.

Thanks for your time!

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