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Name: Andrew Vandiver
Xbox ID: Mojo Zomby
Where are you from? Bend, OR
What’s your favorite map(s)? Panzerstorm and devastation
What’s your favorite class(s)? Assault, pilot, tanker

Give us a little history on yourself.

I first started playing games around 5 years old starting with C&C Red Alert. My father works for Intel and I became fascinated with technology (still am) when I saw him play Red Alert for the first time. I would sneak onto the computer in the middle of the night just to play and got in trouble multiple times. Our family is pretty big and we would have LAN parties at our house. Keep in mind this was late 90’s so everyone had to bring their own dinosaur computers haha. The whole team aspect of games is what keeps me going. I hate playing alone. Me joining SyN was kinda funny. I was in a party with two other people that were going to join. They were talking with Twist when I joined the party and he said “I guess you could come too”. We played a few games together and here I am. Those other two aren’t around but I’m glad I found a home with SyN.

What team(s) have you been on besides SyNdicate?

I was on Red Sky and Mobster for global tournaments in World of Tanks

Describe your play style. What’s your biggest strength as a player?

I’m an assaulter/ flanker. Nothing juicier than a flank kill! I think my biggest strength is my situational awareness. Always watching the radar and listening for enemy footsteps is the best way to beat them to the punch. Also known for my PIAT handy-work #PIATartist

Have you learned any tips or tricks from anyone in battlefield (doesn’t have to be in SyN) that has made you a better player or was it all learned on your own?

I was new to the assault class when I joined SyNdicate and used the M1 carbine for the longest time but GraveReaper showed me the way to the Gewehr 1-5. What a difference and it has changed me for the better.

Any tips you have that you would like to share?

It’s not really a tip but communication is extremely key to any victory so keep the negative crap to yourself ❤️

What keeps you Interested, playing daily, and sticking with a platoon to be a better group and compete at a higher level?

The teammates keep me interested. Creating a top squad that has really good chemistry can sway an entire match.

What are your thoughts on BFV?

Battlefield 5 is great, one of my favs. Just wish they would stop changing everything. Buff this, nerf that... it gets old

Thanks for your time!

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