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Holy booty smoke Starre thanks brother!
SuperStarre slogan "Pockets aint empty cuz"
EA Gaming News
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Published Jul 9, 2018
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Published Jul 5, 2018
Dateline City: REDWOOD CITY, Calif. Game Now Includes UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz and 2018 UFC Hall of Fame inductee Matt Serr...
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Published Jun 22, 2018

Site Donations

B0og3yman a posted Sat at 1:00

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to send out a huge thank you to all of our members and even other platoons that have donated to the site. It really warm the cavity in my chest where a heart usually is on more humanoid less B0og3yman people. In all seriousness though, thanks a bunch to LRRP, Topside and Faded/Cupcake. Huge thanks to Nova (moneybags) Starre for the huge donation of 360 days. We will definetly be continuing to evolve the website and bring the content you want and deserve!

Keep Slayin',


Twi$T a Thanks EVERYONE!!! <3

Welcome Everyone,

This is SyNdicate, a competitive and semi casual gaming community for likeminded individuals who look to improve upon their eSports gaming portfolio and dominate on the battlefield.

We are actively recruiting and looking for new members to attend tryout sessions with one of the Platoons leadership.

We actively stream in-house and competitive league matches. We compete in Battlefield Premier League, HardcoreLeague, and other prominent Battlefield 1 event communities.

Stay Frosty,
Syndicate Leadership

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